Enhance the effectiveness of your outreach precisely by identifying the key contacts across the wider platform of mass media.

Public opinion do affect your bottom line, and you need to pay heed to what your consumers think or believe, so that you are able stand long in the fierce competition.

When it comes to consultations, stakeholder engagement or a public awareness campaign, our in-depth knowledge of the local community, policy development and political process enables us to assist you in communicating with the people who matter in a much better and positive manner.

Public Relations DMA | Best PR Agency in Delhi, team has a proven record of creating winning programs to shape up the public opinion, enliven supporters and motivate them to action. We have diploid roots, which helps us bring in diversity to our work. Using ground-breaking and all-inclusive strategies, we bring superior solutions in outreach, strategic communications and government relations.

Our public affairs and strategic communications practice services include:

  • Political Monitoring and Intelligence gathering
  • Perceptions auditing and Policy research
  • Policy and risk breakdown and assessment
  • Stakeholder and issues mapping out and analysis
  • Legislative and regulatory tracking
  • Strategy development and Campaign planning
  • Message and narrative development
  • Written submissions and briefings
  • Event creation and management
  • Issue-related seminars and roundtables