is the one-stop, complete solution for all the wedding related services.


Hassle-free ceremonies, within a budget, customised specially for your family wedding- this suitably rounds up what we as a team of planners, managers and organisers give primary importance to. Your memorable day should be a collection of specially curated moments that you will cherish and our meticulous planning which shall be 'Value for Money', surely brings that to you!


While we never fail to talk about and celebrate the grandness and the deep rootedness that marriage ceremonies in Indian culture have, budget and the befitting utilisation of it sometimes step backwards. Again, every wedding is intrinsically different from one another in varied aspects. We, as your wedding consultant understand this and appreciate the value of your hard earned money. That's why, our skilled and experienced team tailor out customised and innovative plans and approaches that value and reflect your emotions and make the most out of it.


Pre-marriage ceremonies

There's a popular hearsay in India that says that no wedding is accomplished without a million discussions! And pre-wedding ceremonies are easily a part of it. While you are busy choosing outfits, planning and inviting for your big day, we plan and arrange all the pre-marriage ceremonies without the hassle that you may face otherwise.

Wedding Stationary

Our designers evolve your wedding invitations which have a reflection of your soul and an essence of the beautiful life you are stepping into with your partner! Avail the best of the designs with us.

Venue Selection

Wedding Consultants, with the help of our wide network, finds the best suited venue as per your needs. Be it in any part of India, getting access to the venue of your choice shall not be a challenge.


Food has remained the most important part of every occasion in Indian culture. And when it comes to weddings, it becomes even more important. Our team promises a sumptuous plate of lip-smacking delicacies for your guests. Our CEO is a renowned Chef who shall personally oversee and ensure that we serve a deliciously unforgettable meal to your guests!

Concept, design & décor

Indian weddings are a celebration of culture and traditions. Our concepts reflect a perfect blend of traditions and modernity. As your wedding consultants we perfectly understand how special you’re ‘D’ day is to you and how you want every piece of décor to have a touch of class.

Entertainment (Classical, Modern, fusion or Bollywood)

How can we even imagine a wedding without some awesome sources of entertainment! Be it any classical, modern, Fusion or Bollywood style. The entertainment package shall meet the taste of your guests.

Wedding Logistic and Guest Hospitality

Guests, services, supplies, people - and the list can go longer and the burden of managing all of them together, heavier! But why worry when you have us! Trust us with the job and get all your logistics settled and let your guests enjoy high quality hospitality services!

Wedding photographer & videographer

Capturing every moment, every smile, every laughter, all those candid emotions and the love that lurks in the air - with our team of super talented photographer and videographer shall be our responsibility. We salute all those candid moments of happiness, joy, emotions and love is what adds the special essence to weddings.


Plan hassle free destination weddings with us. Be it in any part of India, our services and passion remain unaltered!